City Lights

City lights is a high-quality and a very efficient way of advertising. Those are graphics placed in showcases with backlight, known as CLB – City Light Boxes.

They are mainly placed in underground passages, bus station/stops, and other types of alleys or in front of cinemas.

They are printed on standard or premium City Light Translucent paper, which is UV and weather resistant and specially designed to increase saturation and depth of colors.







Design for us is more than just fulfilling your specifications.

We like to be involved in the planning process from the very beginning of the idea. In that way, we can go through the entire planning process together - from a concept to the finished product that will suit your needs best.

We will provide suggestions that will improve your idea. We are confident that, relying on our experience and ideas, the end product will exceed your expectations. Your success is our success!

Regardless of the complexity of the task, we will do it well.

We have over 60 production machines, more than 210 employees and an optimally designed workspace. Our production facilities include printing, contour cutting, finishing, assembly and installation.

Precise and quality printing, large production capacity and highly skilled staff provide confidence to accept any challenges.

The process of product installation is taken as seriously as the process of making.

Having over twenty years of experience in production means as much time spent in mounting, gluing, stretching, testing...

Tell us what your ideas are, even if they seem impossible to you. We will do our best to provide you with a solution. We have a wide network of certified and reliable professionals across Europe.

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